Los Nires Estate is located in a unique region, right in the middle of the majestic Andes peaks, where beauty lies in its virgin state, where the feeling of immensity is inevitable, where nature imposes itself, where wind´s sounds wrap us and words exceed.

Los Nires Estate is the perfect option to connect with our own essence and with nature´s. Where the key is the combination of outdoor activities which allow us to dream about another life style.

Los Nires Estate is a strong grown project, designed in a completely natural environment, where respect, care and protection of the environment and its natural resources are the priorities. It´s 33 hectares have been divided across a beautiful Nires forest, in such a way that makes it difficult to explain what the feeling is once you walk through them. The main feature is in it´s sorroundings, the diversity of landscapes that can be experienced as one goes up the hills. From amazing views of the Chapelco Mountain Range to splendid valleys with plenty small streams ending on a plain where the Nires forest prevails in its major brilliance and excellent views of the Lolog Lake. 

A unique real estate development.

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